Something is Wrong: A campaign series against violence against women

Aldo Giannotti | Stefanie Sargnagel | Kateřina Šedá | in collaboration with Frauen gegen VerGEWALTigung, Frauenzentrum Osttirol, Mannsbilder Tirol

from 1st October 2022

Project description

According to the annual report of the Autonomous Austrian Women’s Shelters in 2020, about three women are murdered every month in Austria, and every fifth woman is exposed to physical and/or sexual violence after the age of 15. The number of female murder victims in Austria is significant in an EU comparison. Focusing on these drastic facts, Lungomare is developing a three-part poster campaign in a dialogic process with artists and NGOs working in the field of victim protection and prevention. This will appear in public spaces in Tyrol in autumn 2022. #somethingiswrong will transform the public space of cities and villages surrounding us every day and use billboards otherwise dedicated to advertising in order to collectively create awareness, stimulate conversations and initiate transformative processes.

For post-listening: Radio show of the AEP information in German (25.11.2022, FREIRAD).

Bus Stop Talks
14.10.2022, 17.00. Meeting point: Kunstpavillon
25.11.2022, 17.00. Meeting point bus stop Maximilianstraße / Landesgericht IBK