Pia Grüter & Stefan Klein
Requiem Pro Karum Lagopus Muta

October 2022

Project description

In large areas of the planet, the undisturbed development of many animal species is now critically endangered due to climatic change as well as advancing tourism. Among others, the Alpine Ptarmigan ― whose habitat is also in the Tyrol ― is on the Red List of endangered species. The two artists Pia Grüter & Stefan Klein are responding to this and developing a requiem based on the call of the rock ptarmigan together with local ptarmigan experts, a composer, and a regional choir. The requiem will be performed for the first time in autumn 2022, close to the ptarmigan’s natural habitat. Subsequently, the piece will be performed regularly on a specific day each year. Instead of a physical monument in public space, the aim is to create a living monument that is not characterised by materiality, but exists as lived memory in repeat performances.