Elena Romashko & with Volha Baburyna (palunisa) & Tatiana Mikhniuk & Vital Nazarevich & Natallia Sukhaya
Paper Resistance


A group of paper artists from Belarus come for a one-month stay in Tyrol and together assemble a series of memorial artworks dedicated to the impact of propaganda on human lives.

The results are exhibited in the outer and inner public spaces. Locals are invited to contribute and join in through open workshops.

Vycinanka (paper cut) is a Belarusian art of paper cutting, it has been historically used by the local population in order to decorate their houses. Paper banners and curtains were created from old newspaper, wrapping paper or any other recycled paper that they could get. At the same time in urban settings jewish paper cutting has developed in Belarus as a form of religious devotion and a way to emphasise significant life events through creating paper frames for the marriage certificates and similar documents of importance.

Paper cutting was a very widespread craft all around the globe, both in Belarus and in Austria people cut paper as a folk craft to resort to the beauty of the world in hard and traumatic times.

Elena Romashko and the involved artists believe that these local crafts can become a link to build an emotional understanding among Belarusians and the people of Tyrol. Today paper cutting still presents an opportunity to unite in our common heritage and feel kinship in a common grief.