Thomas Schafferer
Wipp Valley Heart

April - August 2022

Project description

The WIPP VALLEY HEART sees itself as a social and artistic experiment meandering through the northern Wipp valley. The starting point is a vacant shop in Matrei am Brenner, into which artist Thomas Schafferer will move for several months, bringing it to life with his artistic productivity. Together with artists from the valley, local institutions and everyday protagonists, Schafferer will create a temporary cultural space to discuss, demonstrate and improve cultural interaction among the valley’s inhabitants. Using formats such as exhibitions, tours, artistic workshops or music and discussions – which will also be held in other communities in the valley – a vibrant, mobile space of experience will be generated. This will radiate beyond the Wipp valley via social media and welcome guests from the surrounding regions as well. The WIPP VALLEY HEART will beat along with the incessant stream of vehicles, and perhaps continue to exist beyond the project’s duration.

You will find further information at:www.wipptalherz.at