God’s Entertainment
Black Market

in the context of Innsbruck International

Innsbruck, Markthalle
Performance on 17.03.2018 from 7.30 – 12.30

In Black Market, the market square as a place for potential voters to assemble offers the opportunity for debate and creates space for criticism relating to a broad spectrum of social themes.

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Project description

What ideology prompts the greatest demand these days? On the weekly sociocritical market of religious ideas and philosophies of life, the functional and market values of past and present ideologies are tested. Here, the market place as an assembly area for potential voters serves as terrain, “where the material existence of the ideology is educed from the language of the market,” according to the market criers of God’s Entertainment. The Black Market aims to create opportunities for debate and criticism; what is offered thus becomes political implementation and the decision to buy indicates a positioning of the subject. For where a mix of sects is the week’s special offer and pseudo science is cheaper by the kilo, it is important to adopt a standpoint: What shall we serve up today? Does radical Islam taste too bitter? Are the Innsbruckers still locked in their own regional cuisine? At the Black Market of radical democracy, every customer has the chance to extend his or her sense of taste and sample new ideologies. “In the meantime, National Socialism stinks like rotten fish, but it is easy enough to sell the new version, conserved in a tin of tuna.”