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Kunst im öffentlichen Raum – Förderschwerpunkt 2015 (English version below)

Art in Public Space – Funding Provision 2015
Art is leaving the exhibition space and interacting with a wider audience. The State of Tyrol sees “Art in Public Space” as a modern form of debate on current social questions. It takes up relevant sociopolitical themes and plumbs the relationships between people inhabiting or passing through a region and their environment. Art in public space aims to trigger discussion and to set processes in motion. It should be an integrative component in the development of perspectives for the future, as well as playing a part in shaping the state's identity within the contemporary context.
In 2015 the State of Tyrol will be setting up the funding provision “Art in Public Space” – endowed with 80,000 euros – for the eighth time.

This action serves to fund both permanent art projects and temporary interventions into publicly accessible space.
Formal Criteria:
The action “Art in Public Space” promotes projects that take place in the Tyrol, which initiate further examination of the specific conditions of the locations/sites selected in each case.

Following an award by the jury, the prerequisite for state funding is the submission of every possible necessary permission for the project's realization, as well as agreement from the authorities responsible for the location(s) of the project submitted. Selected projects must be realized within two years after the agreement.

Excluded are: funding in retrospect or the acquisition of an already realized artwork, classical “Art in Architecture” projects, publications that do not form part of a project, and events in public space like concerts or theatre productions with no link of content to the funding action.
The funding provision is directed towards international artists, artist collectives, curators, art or artist societies working in the field of contemporary visual art, and municipalities insofar as they appear as the carriers of art projects.
The action “Art in Public Space of the State of Tyrol” is endowed with a sum of 80,000 euros in the year 2015. According to the jury's recommendations, the level of state funding of projects recommended for realization by this action can amount to up to 100% of the overall fundable cost.
The independent, expert jurors will chose from among the submitted projects and develop a proposition for funding. The final decision on funding is made by the member of the Tyrolean State Parliament responsible for cultural affairs.

Members of the jury are:

Wolfgang Andexlinger, urbanist, Institute for Design, Studio 1, Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck
Maria Anwander, artist
Franziska Weinberger, art historian
The documents to be submitted comprise:

3 copies each of:
- Project description: text and visualization (sketches, montages, renderings,
model photos; no models!) in A4 format as hard copy, max. 10 pages
- rough estimate of costs (incl. project-related communications)
- time plan

one copy each of:
- documentation of previous activity as an artist (photos, catalogues etc.; no originals!) and current CV in short form
- completed data sheet Datenblatt_2015.pdf

The completed documentation must be sent, marked with the reference:
“Kunst im öffentlichen Raum 2015” to the
Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung – Abteilung Kultur
Leopoldstraße 3/4
6020 Innsbruck
by 14th August 2015
(date of postmark).

It is expected that the jury's decision will be announced at the end of September 2015.

Documents will not be returned.
Legal Basis:
Submission of an application does not lead to any legal claim to funding. The jury's decision is final. Granting of funds and the handling of the funding procedure will be administered by the State of Tyrol within the context of currently valid subsidy guidelines. The realization of sponsored projects must occur in accordance with the project time plan.

Information regarding project calculations: services on the artist's own account can be listed in the calculation as part of the overall costs up to an hourly rate of max. EUR 30,- and up to 30 % of the total cost, and included in the calculation in accordance with the list of services for the action “Art in Public Space”.

This guideline applies only to funding procedures in the context of the action “Art in Public Space”.

The entrant declares him- or herself in agreement with the publication of his/her name and also of any submitted illustrative material, sketches or other visualizations e.g. for media reports or on the State of Tyrol's homepage and the homepage http://www.koer-tirol.at.
The artists' association Tiroler Künstlerschaft has been contracted by the State of Tyrol to coordinate the realization the selection process. It is also functioning as a contact partner for further information and any relevant questions.

If you require further information etc., please contact:

Tiroler Künstlerschaft
Ingeborg Erhart
Rennweg 8a
6020 Innsbruck

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